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December 10

    unofficial Beta Version online

December 20
    official launch of Fontastic!

December 30

December 31

January 01

    designed some logos, if someone wishes to link to Fontastic! with a logo

January 02
    Mega Font Page is now online. Frame version, every font sample can be displayed. Caution: heavy document! (54kb [now over 100])

    Wanted Page - font requests by visitors - also goes online

    first award: WebMastery Exceptional Resource

January 04
    News Page

January 05

January 07
      Site needed to be cleaned from some ripp-offs (hope I got them all with one wipe)

    January 09

    January 10
      fontastic! proudly presents free fonts from the chankstore

    January 16

    January 19

    January 28
      fontastic! creator and webmaster La Kikita has created her very first typeface (bois). Grab it!

    February 13
      may I show you my fourth award?

    April 13
      it has been some time since the last post, I know...but I´ve been busy as hell.

      Some new awards have been graciously given to this site...

      and a bunch of new fonts have been added just today.

      Oh, and it was about time to revamp the whole design for springtime and give fontastic a new look!

    April 14
      got some new sites for you:...

    April 20
      finally managed to get an FAQ together. Please read carefully before submitting any questions and requests to me. Thanx.

    June 29
      finally could get rid of this painful red background and at this occasion I double checked copyrights of the posted fonts. Had to take some ripp offs out as I'm always struggling to only provide you with unique typefaces. Had two updates this month and added some 150 new fonts

    August 13
      fontastic got a new (temporary) home as my provider is switching to a new server which will be a lot faster and will allow a new guestbook. The last one I had for some days was still in beta testing and wasn't finished at all. (Still thanx for the free service). New fonts will only be added when this server has finally replaced the old one.

      And I will change the system of the font of the week. I won't keep an archive anymore. All the past features will be added to the normal collection with updates and can be found throughout the collection then.

      And you should really take a look at the new logos which I created for fontastic.

    September 22
      It has been a while since the last update of fontastic, I know. This time I have not only added some 130 new fonts, I also took out quite a lot of fonts whose origins were doubtful. You now shouldn't find any fonts from KeyFonts, SSI, WSI, Soft Horizon, Alltype, SWFTE, Allen R. Walden, FontBank or similar crap. I have checked every single copyright and can now say I only provide original artwork. I might not have the biggest font archive (which was never my intention) but I have the "clearest" which is much more important looking at all those font archives who rise these days. As always I hope you enjoy your stay at fontastic.

      Please don't request any of those fonts I took out, I had my reasons. And please, please don't ask me to make a single zip of all fonts available, I will ignore all further messages on this subject.

    November 1
      no real news besides I'm seriously thinking of closing fontastic if those flames in the alt.binaries.fonts addressing me don't stop. (yes, I mean you, sister Publish Girl and others).

      And I deeply apologize for having Mr. David Rakowski mentioned as one of those font pirates.

    November 10
      now this message completely convinced me not to shut down fontastic...if anyone knows where to buy this kind of stuff please do tell

      From:  "laine foegley" <>
      To:   <>
      Subject:   Need FA quick!
      Date sent:   Mon, 10 Nov 1997 12:45:25 -0500

      Dear Chank,

      Now I need Fontaholics Anonymous as soon as possible! Can't resist those weird,gorgeous alphabets. I thank you...My penpals thank you...

      Keep doin' whatcher doin', please.

      Laine Indiana, USA

      Thanx to all who showed me their loyalty!

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