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Hmm, the last guestbok I tried didn't convince me. My provider promises to have another one up soon.

As always you could send me an eMail to let me know you've been in here or if you have some comments.

In the meantime take a look at some of the past signers:

Yo, dudes! This is one of the all-time great sites. Font me, font me, I'm yours!
David White <>
Orinda, CA - Sat, Feb 08 1997 - 10:58:45
I wuh voo.
Katy <>
Cape Coral, FL, USA - Wed, Feb 05 1997 - 23:45:07
I font
you font
he fonts / she fonts
we font
you font
they font

Henk Stolker <>
Breda, Netherlands - Wed, Feb 05 1997 - 08:26:02
I became sexually excited looking at all the cool fonts!
Christoph <>
Chicago, U.S. - Tue, Jan 28 1997 - 03:44:23
REALLY good page, ...eeeh, are you female perhaps? a mans gotta ask, cause I havent seen too many females on the net. keep up the spirit, kikita!
elviz <>
helsinki, finland - Wed, Jan 15 1997 - 17:11:29
Thanks Like the site and it's just saved by bacon.I updated from win 3.11 to win 95 and missplaced someof my fonts, just found them here. Phew thank goodnessfor that.
Chris Turner <>
Tonbridge, England - Wed, Jan 01 1997 - 17:01:57
This page is too hard to understand.
Karyn Washington <>
Bay Village, USA - Wed, Mar 19 1997 - 00:56:38
I can't figure out what to do on your site... having a dumb blonde day :(
Theresa Merkling <>
Rapid City, USA - Sun, Mar 16 1997 - 02:01:16
Extraordinaria Web esta. Un ejemplo para autoeditores astiados de los tipos convencionales. Es una gozada para la vista ... ¿e impresos? Un cordial saludo desde España
Alejandro Morcillo <>
Madrid, España - Thu, Mar 13 1997 - 03:09:56
Swell fonts man!
Jason Vasquez <>
Marina Del Rey, USA - Mon, Mar 10 1997 - 21:54:24
You've got fontitude, babEy...
Krystyn <>
NO. California, USA - Sun, Mar 09 1997 - 00:22:58
This site is a dream come true. Fonts, fonts and more fonts. Being in the design business, I'm often faced with matching a font for a client and now I have yet another option open to me. The real truth.....I'm a font addict and all else is an excuse to indulge in my addiction!! My thanks to the creators of this wonderful site.
Brendalee Astells <>
Vancouver, Canada - Sat, Mar 08 1997 - 19:48:42
god knows im helpless and weak..
fossil <>
indiana, usa - Tue, Mar 04 1997 - 01:03:12
I am... (sniff!) so happy to have found this place. Honestly! This made my day. Only prob is that I think an item has been added on my addiction list... On the other hand, simms are getting cheaper and cheaper :-)
Andreas <>
Stockholm, Sweden - Sat, Mar 01 1997 - 21:07:51
Fuckin' NICE !!
Wick <>
Paris, FRANCE - Wed, Feb 26 1997 - 00:05:34
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm a graphic designer,and my business partner in Los Angeles got caught in a bind trying to match fonts for a job. Then the discovery of your web site. So the info was passed on to me, and now you are one of my bookmarks if the same ever happens to me. Anyway, long story short. I really appreciate the time youhave taken to put this all together. It is a great wealth of help to those of us in the design field, especially whenwe run into a pinch! Best of wishes!
Tim Olson <>
Seattle, USA - Mon, Feb 24 1997 - 02:46:36
Spakomat !! Nach langer Suche habe ich sie bei euch gefunden. Die geilste und umfangreichste Font Site die es gibt. 1.Preis !!!!!
Georg Stefanovic <stefanovic@fh-offenburg de>
Deutschland, - Wed, Feb 12 1997 - 14:20:36
A superb site. I've been a typographic junkie since the sixties. You're to be commended for your imagination, execution, and willingness to freely share with others. Thanks.
George Hall <>
Chambersburg, PA - Thu, Apr 17 1997 - 13:22:01
hah! With my husband I unfortunately divorced my PC and - you guessed - my beloved fonts collection. My sighs have been heard.. found some dearly missed fonts here again...
Greetings from Oz..
an exile German

elke <>
Melbourne, Australia - Thu, Apr 17 1997 - 12:44:19
Ludicrous! A waste of valuable time! Go somewhere else!
The Beholder
USSR - Thu, Apr 17 1997 - 03:58:26
Jeg vet ikke hva jeg skulle gjort uten... I love what U do 4 me...
RickART <>
Larvik, Norway - Thu, Apr 17 1997 - 01:02:28
Outstanding, entertaining. All said by experts more qualified than I. Thank you!!!
Dick Kohler <>
San Diego, USA - Wed, Apr 16 1997 - 07:31:20
Thank you for your fantastic creativity and sharing it with us all. These fonts let me pretend that I'm creative. Dave.
David Quist <>
Salem, USA - Wed, Apr 16 1997 - 05:29:33
bei soviel international lob bleibt mir nur noch: phette phonts bei kleinen downloadzeiten... respekt tilo
tilo <>
Offenbach, Hessen - Wed, Apr 16 1997 - 02:53:04
Bless you (and curse you) for having this site!
Lynne <>
HermosaBeach, USA - Sun, Apr 13 1997 - 20:22:52
Thanks for the nice fonts...Ive been looking for a page like this !!! More power to you all!!!!!hi David carson and Nevile Brody...hehehe!
Joseph Alviar <>
Manila, Philippines - Sun, Apr 13 1997 - 01:19:55
We thought it was "Out of this World"
Joyce, Eric & Emmy <>
Woodruff, USA - Sun, Apr 06 1997 - 00:56:13
Thank goodness I don't have to type with that damned times new roman anymore!
Cris <>
Richmond, USA! - Mon, Mar 31 1997 - 20:36:54
Next best thing to free nudie pictures on the internet. Great work man! Love this stuff!
Eric <>
Memphis, TN, USA - Mon, Mar 31 1997 - 09:04:31
You have a lot more pages on here than i had originally thought. too bad it hurts my browser, ill have to check it out on a better computer when i get a chance..

maybe ill make ya a specail font for having such a cool site, ill see if i can find some time..

Happy easter too

TeA Calcium <>
Heaven, MA, USA - Mon, Mar 31 1997 - 00:54:00
chitty cherry bang?Sounds pretty good. Might have to try that one day.
fred you know who <>
B.R, USA - Sun, Mar 30 1997 - 01:44:27
tremendous! brilliant! Whomever you might be oh fontmaster, oh keeper of the serifs, you are the bee's knees!
mark <>
Long Beach, CA, USA - Fri, Mar 28 1997 - 20:45:28
Its a Fonts world. Very nice & just not boring, keep up the Good work,
Dublin, Ireland - Mon, Mar 24 1997 - 01:23:53
Thanks you for the beautiful font's! In my house there's this light switch that doesn't do anything. Every so often I would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday, I got a call from a woman in Germany. She said,"Cut it out." ~~~Steven Wright
JennaLou <>
- Sat, Mar 22 1997 - 19:24:17
Well, I hope you're satisfied. I wasn't a font-a-holic...until NOW. Now I must have them ALL...and I must find a use for every single one of them!!! I'd write more, but there are so many fonts to download, so little time...thanks for the great page. :-)
Anita Ford <>
San Antonio, USA - Mon, May 26 1997 - 05:25:42
Grotesque colours but they work perfectly. Great design, great layout. Feels good to sit back and enjoy you own page, when everything turns out so well, doesn't it? I'd come back, but
cooties <>
Hamilton, Ont, Canada - Thu, May 22 1997 - 15:51:38
Thanks, can I have some more please.
jh <>
nyc, - Thu, May 15 1997 - 05:37:05
Wow! Look mom i'm famous.
Jesse von Cosmonaut <>
Turku, Finland - Tue, May 13 1997 - 18:34:25
I know this is a cool site, but i am a beginner and I amafraid of downloading any subject, because of the well knownviruises. it is great, but downloading is a NO NO in my book.
glady knizer <>
greensburg, paI, usa - Wed, May 07 1997 - 16:41:38
As a recovering Phont Phreak, I was very distressed to find your page. It's just like piping gin in through the water fountain at an AA meeting. Everyone loves my layouts, but I can hardly find time to do any work.Thanks a lot.Harrumph.Wendell Ricketts
Wendell Ricketts <>
Albuquerque, NM, USA - Thu, May 01 1997 - 21:41:00
This is really the smorgasbord of smorgasbords when it comes to fonts!! Wonderful site... I come back regularlyto check for news... Thanks a lot... Keep up the good work!!
Bernie <>
Sm.stenar, Sweden - Wed, Apr 23 1997 - 23:41:27
Thank you, thank you, thank you, you've just given me reason to dream happily of cow-spotted Garamonds racing hollow Beppos over the lazy dog! You're a life savior! I have a problem here! Oh, no, not another collector-craze! %->
zzzzzzzzzleepytown, - Mon, Apr 21 1997 - 23:11:02
Fantastic Site - have'nt gotten through the a's yet and already ran out of space
Jeff (Typositor) Batt <>
Florida, USA - Sat, Apr 19 1997 - 19:53:06