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[ FAQ ]
- the FAQ page answers all your most frequent questions

[ Top 20 ]
- just a very personal choice of the most impressive freeware and shareware typefaces around. updated every once in a while

[ Cool ]
- yet another site with freezing cool fonts, you might need some sunglasses

[ Creepy ]
- need some scary horror fonts, Freddy? don´t look any further. buh!

[ 3 D ]
- not real 3d fonts, but true types with a certain 3d effect

[ Hollow ]
- seems like they have left something out in the middle

[ Handwriting ]
- looking for fonts like your own scratchy handwriting? something really hard to read, like hyrogliphs? you found them ... come in

[ Deco Fonts ]
- wanna get married? or invite some special person for dinner. you´ll need some script font

[ Dingbats ]
- aren´t they just amazing? more typeart than typeography, but you´ll simply love them

[ Special Occasions ]
- well, every year it´s christmas or easter ... even this year, trust me

[ Odds & Ends ]
- fonts that don´t fit in any categorie, the ones driving you mad if you need them once in your life and can´t seem to find anywhere

[ StarTrek ]
- heard some rumours that one or two trekkies are still alive

[ free fonts by G. Meronek ]
- this man definitely has his own style. which one? check it out by yourself!

[ Gothic, Celtic and Rune fonts ]
- stuck for the middle ages? no need to be afraid...follow me

[ foreign language fonts ]
- the internet happens to be an international place: this is my little tribute

[ font of the week ]
- this feature allows me to put a new font in the spotlight every week

[ news ] updated 04-13-97
- taking a look behind the scenes

[ links ]
- some essentials, always worth a visit

[ contact ]
- critique, feedback, marriage proposals? this way, please

[ help ]
- be warned: nothing can help from font addiction, but this page tells you how to swallow the medicine

[ awards ]
- keep them coming..aah, I meant thank you so much for nominating my little site

[ software ]
- just some basics, nothing special...just in case...

- your one-stop to the complete collection. frame version/heavy document (104kb)

[ visit the chankstore ]
- what to say about Chank...you don´t have to like him, but his fonts are fabulous

[ Astigmatic One Eye ]
- artware from my favorite type designer, a must see

[ futuristic designs ]
- we´re heading towards the 21th century, so how about some hyperdimensional fonts?

[ wornout typewriter faces ]
- a nostalgic trip to ancient times, no pcs, no true type, only the jingling of a journalist´s typewriter

[ fatties ]
- this is not an offense, just some real bold and heavy one´s

[ ultra condensed and extended ]
- talking about extrems...some letters with extreme width, in both directions

[ guestbook ]
- why not let me know you´ve been around?

ALL fonts on this page were retrieved from various points on the WWW as well as from the font authors themselves. They are all believed to be either shareware, freeware or in the public domain. On shareware fonts, where registration information is available, it has been included. PLEASE notify me of any missing information as well as any other copyright violations you may know of; I don't want to be breaking any laws.

If you are a font author and want your fonts to be displayed on this site, please email me.

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Thank you and enjoy the fonts!

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